No, I didn’t take them home for some slumber party. I mean I gained lots of friends that night. And I met the Queen!

I went alone to the DigitalFilipino Club sponsored event for e-Commerce industry players and bloggers last Saturday night, 25th of October at the PIRC Forum Hall inside Casino Filipino in Paranaque – just fronting the NAIA airport. Since I forgot where the venue was, I parked my car right in front of Duty Free Philippines and browsed through my blog using my phone to check on the post I made about the event.

After about 15 minutes of connecting and browsing, I finally got the address and the exact place (hell yeah, I was in a 3G area but the Globe internet connection was as usual – very bad). I didn’t realized I was parked right beside the gates of PAGCOR. LOL.

After some security checks, I finally got into the Forum Hall around 6:30pm. Everyone’s a stranger except for Fitz whom I met the last time at the Influential Bloggers Awards Night. There were a few familiar faces but could not remember their names. After all, that was the second time I attended such blogging events.

There were surprises too – as I saw as one of those listed as among the Top 100 Philippine blogs at Ratified.Org. This blog was started early this year (2008) and one of the first blogs I visited was I loved the character of that Queen of Social Climbing. Everyone’s seemed to be touched by her majesty’s magic that they would even bribe her just to get hold of her Crown for a day – hehe. I was inspired by the number of visitors and comments the Queen received – balang araw… wala lang di darating ang araw na yun di bale na haha. And then finally – I saw the Queen that night – in all her Royal Graciousness, and was Social Climbing with Janette Toral and the rest of the bloggers. Syempre, nagpakilala ako sa Queen – sayang naman ang chance at ayun nga, may picture pa kami.

It was a fun night. I met other great people – Ms. Mendoza, the Sr. Managing Head of PAGCOR IT Department, Ms Maileen Crespo of Full Circle – Events Asia, the brothers Errol and Eric Chua of Green Media Concepts, Angel of my idol, the cutie Ms. Snow of, the famous AJ of (May reklamo?), Jehzeel of, Annalyn of, Eugene of, Suzaku Lace of, Ederic of and of course Ms. Janette Toral.

I also saw some bloggers I know online – nahiya lang ako lumapit at kumausap, plus the fact na nagtatagay kami ni Angel ng red wine. I saw Azrael, MistervaderMicamyx, Ada, Ed Arevalo, Pusa, Chris A., Edelweiza, Sabrina, Ms. Dine Racoma aka Sexy Mom, at marami pang iba. Please leave a comment pag may nakalimutan ako, hehe, naka 3 bottles yata kami ni Angel ng red wine.

After the event, we drove to Makati and I took Sir Angel to Cable Car, had a few rounds of draft San Mig Light on big Mugs – had some real good conversations, and jammed for a few songs before I went home real drunk. Lasheng na ba ako nun Angel?

Wala ako pictures – but you can check out these sites with photos and videos of the event (from site).



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