Lately I was so inspired by Master Deimos’ Reciprocative EntreCarders Guild (REG) I was really looking for a way to be able to drop those entrecards for at least 200 per day despite my busy and hectic Consulting sked, besides I am always on mobile since my project right now is outside Metro Manila. Sometimes I can’t get a decent 3G signal in provinces, mostly I am on a GPRS internet connection on my PLDT We-Roam.

Then I managed to get on Walt’s technique over at and I started dropping cards like a Pro. But the idea of “reciprocating” those who were kind enough to visit my site and drop their cards on my entrecard widget is much more important to me than hitting those 300 credits limit per day. There’s the RSS feed of all those who dropped their entrecards on your widget but it is a two-click process. I wanted a one-click step then I’m on my valued visitor’s site.

EntreCarders are not just mad droppers, but genius as well. Or maybe I haven’t noticed (and probably too dumb to notice) that there was a way far more better way to “reciprocate” my visitors other than the usual RSS feed that Entrecard provides. There is indeed a “button” secretly placed in my entrecard dashboard, and perhaps I’m the only one who doesn’t know about it yet – but I’m so glad I found it at last! Thanks to Rome over at Income For Everyone (and to Cecilia at to whom this guy credits this discovery).

This button once clicked, will show the last 98 entrecarders who dropped their entrecards on your site – all displayed with their 125×125 entrecard banners! And clicking on the entrecard banner will take you directly to the entrecarder’s site…

For those who doesn’t know it yet – here’s the screen shot:

Entrecard inbox

Or simply, type the following in your browser:

Replace the highlighted number (in red) with your Entrecard user number. The following will be displayed:


Cool, isn’t it? Happy dropping! And most important of all – RECIPROCATE!