Dear readers (apparently I have some readers after all – LOL), allow me to do another political rambling. Bloggista has been so busy lately with some projects and business dealings the only time I get to have some break is watching the late evening news on local TV – and mostly are all about the latest Senate investigation on the “Russian Generals.”

And once again, our House of “Investigative” Senators (probably they have forgotten they’re a Senate of Laws and not of Investigations left and right but no results), are investigating all of the “Russian” Generals for the alleged graft and misuse of public funds in excessive and extravagant travels and contingency funds.

While I see no wrong in investigating how every Filipino citizen’s penny are spent by our Government Officials, there must be fairness when scrutinizing public funds spending.

Alright, there is no problem with the Senate investigating why the “Russian” Generals, who attended an event in Russia, brought 7 or 8 million pesos, and how much they spent for the trip which should have been attended by just 2 delegates only. Even before the Generals came back, they were already presumed guilty by most Senators, Congressmen, and even by our militant brothers.

So if they really violated some laws, then its just wise to charge them in court. Now, if we apply the same “rule” to all of the Government Officials and especially the Senators and the Congressmen themselves, it would set a good impression on people that they mean what they do.

Let all Congressmen and Senators account to the public where all the Pork Barrel went – every cent of those Php200M a year “allowance”.

Would it be a great service to every Filipino citizen? What do you think?