Wow, I could not believe it has been like 11 months since I started blogging – a complete “blog idiot” and newbie then (probably till now – LOL), and this month I am giving away quite a number of simple prizes and giveaways to my friends online and blog visitors.

The reasons behind are simple also: First, November is a special month for Bloggista. Second, just to return the favors to my visitors who took time in leaving their comments. I never thought blogging can be so fun, kahit mali mali grammar, okay pa rin. I mean, I’m not the type of person who’s gifted with the skills of writing like a Shakespeare, with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. I blog precisely because I wanted to practice writing and communicating what’s lurking in my thoughts.

Unlike Angel whom I admire so much he spends more time reviewing his article, thus making each of his post like a masterpiece – I simply type, put some images and pofffffttt! my post is published. But it doesn’t mean I am taking my readers for granted, it’s just that perhaps, my way of expressing what I want to share in its unedited form – probably not the best way to blog. I know there are a lot of people who are very particular about grammar, construction and word usages – especially Filipinos. I admire them as well. It is just worth noting that other Nationalities, even the native English speakers, are mostly forgiving when it comes to these things.

The beauty of blogging is that it enables reaching virtually anyone from any part of the globe. 35% of my blog readers are from the Philippines, 65% from the U.S., Europe, other Asian countries, Australia and other parts of the world. Even got a visitor from somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But not anyone from Mars yet.

Hmmm, I almost forgot this post is about the Top Commenters of the Month (October). The Top Commenter gets a big thank you and a small reward – USD15.00 via PayPal, and the Top 10 Commenters each will get 50 Entrecard Credits, PLUS the chance to win a Domain (via a raffle) PLUS 2 nights free accomodation in their own bedrooms. LOL.

Eh guys and gals, next month, let me change the rewards – since it’s now difficult to give out EC’s as prizes (due to lots of restrictions), I will stop giving EC’s and will just retain the USD15.00 and the Domain – but in a revised format as well.

All Commenters will have the chance to win the USD15.00 and the Domain. Now here’s how you can increase your chance of winning these small rewards. If you made a total of 20 comments, then you will get 20 entries or points. This should be more exciting… I hope so.

Ok, after much ado… Here are Bloggista’s super saviors (thanks for letting other people know some people read my blog because you left some comments – hehe).

Snow of Dearbloggery wins the USD15.00, unfortunately, Archon and my friend Bendz didn’t make it to the top 10, so just a link there, hope its alright.

And the winner of the Domain (no hosting) is… Cyril

Congratulations and thank you friends for all your support – from boring to exciting posts (meron ba?), your visits and comments are truly appreciated! Please get in touch with me through my Contact Form for details on how to claim your prizes.

Mabuhay ang mga Bloggistang Pinoy!