It was a fantastic weekend for me. I was a bit busy last week due to some project commitments, and I was really looking forward for the holidays. There was less traffic, and Sunday was a special day as well. Anyway, this post is probably one of the most talked about subject whether online or offline: After Death, What Comes Next?

Allow me to ask this question again and even though believing or not believing will probably depend on one’s religious, social and personal views, those thoughts certainly are worth the time to read and be shared.

Let me tell you a story of 4 boys from a small town who were classmates in grade school. They grew up as friends however, after graduation, went separate ways. Bobby went on to take a medical course in college and became one of the country’s best surgeons. RIco started his own business, was involved in some smuggling activities, became rich and later was elected Mayor of the town. Andre became an Internet Marketer and was earning thousands of pesos even when he’s sleeping – although he was scamming lots of people online.

Of the 4, Buboy, who dropped out in high school and got married at a young age – never had the same opportunity or wealth his friends have. He couldn’t even buy a new pair of shoes for many years as his income is not enough to feed his 8 children. He was offered a job – some illegal jobs, but declined he’d rather be poor than rich but loses his soul.

One day the 4 met in a gathering hosted by Rico, the Mayor. While they were having fun, a bomb exploded and killed all of them instantly. They’re all dead – now who’s life was totally wasted?

We could probably relate to this story on how we live our lives each day. Most of us are working and saving for the future. All those jobs, these make money online blogs and activities are evident of really finding ways, passive or not, to earn additional income – to earn money.

Some of us try to live a good and honest life, some especially politicians couldn’t care less, some because of circumstances, have to live a sinful life to in order to live. “Sinful” here is relative – depends on one’s perspective.

I believe the way a person lives his life is dependent on the way how he thinks of death. Is there Life after Death?