On Tuesday, November 4, 2008 (Wednesday in Manila), Americans will hold its 56th quadrennial United States Presidential Election. So in a few days, the world will see a new U.S. President – more likely to be Barack Hussein Obama rather than John Sidney McCain?

Many people, especially those not from the United States predicted Obama to be the next U.S. President. They maybe right, as the latest polls conducted by AP-Yahoo! still put Obama on top of the contention 51 to 43. So while Arnold Schwarzenegger saw the need for Democrat Barack Obama to beef up his “skinny” legs and pump up some muscles by joining his regular muscle and body building programs, he might as well advise Republican McCain to beef up his campaign and win in bigger States.

Still, Republicans are hopeful and predict that McCain still got a great fight ahead. Recently, a poll in Alabama (with 9 electoral votes) showed McCain is leading at 52%, while Obama got 25% with the undecided at 23%. Also, based on the recent poll study of AP-Yahoo!, one in seven voters, 14 percent of the total — said they were undecided or might yet change their minds.

In the Philippines, several people believed that if Obama wins, it might have a big effect on the BPO and Call Center services as its more likely that Obama may implement a policy to give back to the Americans their jobs. They also believed that if Obama will be the next U.S. President, US presence in the country will increase as unlike the incumbent US President Bush who have tapered off a bit their presence in recent years, the Democrats may want to maximize their investments and interests in the region.

So its going to be an exciting week ahead, historic in magnitude. If you’re to vote for the next U.S. President, who is your choice? Participate in the poll below and let’s have our own little statistics.

Happy Halloween!

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