I realized that Bloggers are humans after all. Thought most of them were bots. Haha. I ran a poll the other day – and thanks for all the swarm of participants – Haha. But hey guys, thanks a lot for participating and leaving your comments. You should have received your entrecard credits in your inbox already – I doubled the credits. LOL.

Now why did I said that Bloggers are Humans?

  1. They were busy dating on Valentines only a handful got the time to take the pool on this blog. LOL
  2. Bloggers have hearts – most are out dating or celebrating, some are still celebrating alone in front of the computer. LOL
  3. And seriously, Bloggers post lots of tips – for humans. There are a lot of How-To blogs out there. Only humans can give valuable tips for humans.

Well, this is an insane post anyway. But I learned a big difference being online for Blogging or being online for Gaming: – the former brings out the humanity in you – while Gaming make you stuck in a world of fantasy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful time last Valentines day. For some (you know who – LOL), I’m wishing you a happier Valentines next year. And you should send me a picture of you with somebody giving you that real nice loving hug.