Wow its only a few weeks from now when Google once again manifests their might to all netizens and bloggers alike – Page rank update.google_sexy1.jpg

I don’t know much about this ranking thing and SEO, but I do dream of getting a better page rank for my site as well. With so much going on lately in terms of traffic generation and site hits – there’s no doubt Entrecard will play a vital role in getting better page rank.

Some entrecarders did really well in getting as much traffic to their sites through contests and strategies to ‘lure’ other entrecarders into their sites. But its not just all entrecard – these are blog sites with excellent contents as well.

And here’s my fearless forecast for my top 5 favorite entrecarders, in no particular order:

Coling KingColin King:

Current Page Rank – N/A

My forecast: PR4


Current Page Rank – PR0

My forecast: PR4


Current Page Rank – PR2

My forecast:PR4


Current Page Rank – N/A

My forecast: PR4

e-joetech-com.gifJoe Tech:

Current Page Rank – PR3

My forecast: PR5

For sure these guys are aiming a much higher rank – and they are working for it. And for ? I am happy with a PR1.