In less than 24 hours, the US Presidential Election has been decided in favor of Barack Obama. Even though some US States are still counting votes, John McCain already conceded as Obama already gathered 338 Electoral Votes, more than the 270 Electoral Votes needed to win the US Presidency.

Whats amazing with the US Presidential Election is that, even if you lose in the Popularity Votes, but reach 270 Electoral Votes, you still become the most powerful man in America, perhaps the World. This election however, Obama still won in the Popularity Voting with just a few margin of less than 5% over McCain’s. Latest official tally from Yahoo, based on the results provided by AP and several networks shows that Obama gathered 55,396,945 votes, or a total of 52% (equivalent to 338 electoral votes) and McCain got 50,660,787 votes, or a total of 47% (equivalent to only 141 electoral votes).

If compared to the Presidential Elections in the Philippines, that less 5 million vote difference will surely trigger widespread protests and charges of cheating on both camps – perhaps accusing a Presidential candidate to have done a Garci strategy.

I have not seen any single losing candidate in the Philippines who graciously conceded – and even encourage people to support the winning candidate.

Hopefully, the 2010 Presidential Elections will be something we Filipinos should be proud of. And I believe we can do our little share. It is worth to mention that the just concluded US Presidential Elections is historic in every way – the quality of the Candidates, the role of Media and latest technologies in informing the people of the Issues, and yes, Blogging and the Bloggers in creating awareness among the electorate – and even outsiders.

We can do the same here in the Philippines. There is always hope. We must ensure we vote the right person. Create awareness of making the right choices. Do our litte share of informing people on the issues to be addressed by each candidate. If we put monkeys in the Government, certainly, we become a truly Banana Republic.