So you finally decided after some deep thoughts, that one of the best ways to achieve greater financial independence is to start your own Passive Income Business while you still have the luxury of time, strength and brains to spare.

During the first few days into your Passive Income business, you probably are busy learning the products and services, attend to some orientation meetings either online or offline, and is probably spending most of the time talking about it to your family and friends. You don’t start a business and keep it a secret right?

So how about telling everyone you’re doing it and invite interested people to join as well? You can try tapping all your family members, friends, relatives and co-workers, but most often than not, you’ll be frustrated and disappointed of the fact that only a few will be interested. It’s a reality that friends and relatives only start taking you seriously when they see you become successful in what you do.

So what are your options? You probably put your ads on local free ads paper, invest in some paid advertising on magazines, and community papers. Will you even consider buying radio and tv airtime? That will cost you a fortune, and sooner, you’ll end up frustrated, disappointed and broke.

You may consider joining and posting in forums, join hundreds of social networks and advertise your product – getting risked  of being branded a spammer in most instances. Or you may want to consider building yourself your own website – be it on a free blog site like or, or self-hosted website or blog using WordPress or Joomla or just a plain website.

Why building your own website is essential to your Passive Income Business? Here’s my 6 reasons why your Passive Income Business needs a website:

1. Introduce your business to the Global Marketplace

Having an online presence will expose your business to virtually anyone regardless of color, gender, location, time zones, preferences among other demographics. Even if you sleep, your business is “open” for every one who visits your site.

2. Its your Marketing Tool – online

Most passive income business programs have excellent brochures, videos and banners – you can place these in your website thus providing your visitors the right information when they visit your website. It is a cheaper alternative than printing these brochures, or distributing dvd’s to your prospects.

3. It presents a Professional Image

Offline Marketing activities with references to an online website give people the impression that you are serious in what you are doing. By posting links to your website in other online forums or related sites that allow posting of links rather than posting direct links to your affiliate or products, you put a personal touch to your marketing efforts. It helps you establish an online identity and possibly draw some followers.

4. Promote your passive income business products and services and track results

When you own the website, you can easily promote your products and services and at the same time, effectively track the performance of your marketing campaign efforts. Tools like Google Analytics and WP-Affiliate, a WordPress plugin which allows “masking” or hiding your affiliate links and tracks the number of clicks made provide the necessary statistics to monitor your progress.

5. Gather valuable information and generate new leads/recruits

You can gather information and potential leads to your passive income business by providing a way for your visitors to leave suggestions, feedbacks and comments on your website. Another great ways to capture information is to provide surveys, provide product samples, trial subscriptions and other marketing strategies to generate prospects/recruits.

6. Others are doing it

There is no business without a competition. If other people are doing it – deploying websites for their online or passive income businesses, you can’t afford to be the only person not doing it. While its true that one of the key factors in making your business successful is not conforming to what other people are doing – not building your own website isn’t one of those.

Every business needs a website, including your passive income business. Don’t be afraid in learning new things – even being a non-techie person shouldn’t be a hindrance to establish your online presence. Passive Income Business is all about helping others – that is why don’t hesitate to ask help from people who are into passive income activities.

Passive Income earners love to help other people earn passive income. Go to their websites, ask help on how to setup your own website or blog. They may even help you start for free. They are not competition – your only competitors are those people who may start ahead of you.