Two weeks ago while watching the funny movie Madagascar 2 movie, I was so thrilled and ecstatic when a familiar structure was flashed on the big screen – the Vatican steeple, and the “black smoke” that came out of the window. I shouted “This is it!“, the movie that I have been waiting for – the big screen adaptation and the “prequel” to the Da Vinci Code all written by Dan BrownAngels and Demons.

To those who have read Dan Brown’s bestseller, Angels and Demons, a movie version is certainly something to look forward to. After all, Angels and Demons has all the makings of a great movie. The plot, the action, and tour to the Vatican City makes you think you’re watching a movie by just the reading it.

I rarely read novels – got to admit I’d rather spend my free time earning passive income than reading novels. But Dan Brown’s only one of the few authors that will make me forget everything and just read his story. I also made sure to read Angels and Demons before reading Da Vinci Code. His other books, Digital Fortress and Deception Point which were not as popular were also my favorites. It took me only 2 days to read each of these novels from cover to cover.

Angels and Demons features Robert Langdon, long before he was searching for clues in the Da Vinci Code. If you have not read it, I suggest you grab a copy and follow Robert Langdon’s adventures as he discovered a “cult” within the Vatican, followed trails of “sacred” murders and discovered secrets of the group, Illuminati, or “freethinkers”.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Angels and Demons movie trailer.


Angels and Demons Movie Trailer