Another Google Page Rank Update in December? Most probably. Sometime in April of this year, they call it Operation Dewey. So are we expecting another Operation Dewey in the next few days?

The last time Google made a Page Rank Update was in September – and following the pattern, Google implements its Page Rank algorithm every 3 months. For some a Google Page Rank isn’t that important. But noticeably quite a number is looking forward to a higher Page Rank, including yours truly.

So we all still have a few days left to at least improve our chances to gain a favorable Google Page Rank – that is, if you are after a higher Google Page Rank.

How to Avoid being Penalized by the Almighty Google? Here are some “Simple Guidelines” to follow and “hopefully” earn a Google reward for being obedient.

Note: These are words from a newbie blogger, not from an SEO and Google expert, so take caution! LOL. And please do share some tips:

  1. If you can, avoid doing paid posts, especially those with “do follow” links.
  2. If you have made some paid posts before, check if you can already remove the “do follow” tags on those links. Usually most pay per post programs allow removal of those “do follow” tags 3 months after you posted them.
  3. Get quality backlinks from fellow bloggers – but avoid backlinks from sites where Google is allergic – like porn sites, spam and splog sites, and even gambling sites.
  4. As much as possible, avoid reciprocal linking, at least for the next 2 weeks or until Google implemented the page rank updates. Best not to do it.
  5. For those gifted with the art of writing great contents – now is the time to write even better contents. Consider submitting these articles on sites that accept posting of articles. Do some “bum” marketing by taking advantage of your writing prowess, and expect a few more quality backlinks.
  6. Also try to increase your internal page values – by linking your previous articles with your most recent one with the relevant keywords. It will help making sure your internal pages and articles get a “score” from Google.

That’s it! Just have fun, try to listen to some nice cool music while removing those unwanted links from those paid posts. 🙂 Peace.