For a long time, I always wanted to have my own site directory. Then I thought probably coming up with a site directory for all blogs would be cool, however, there are already a lot of blogs directory out there.

I rather worked on a blog directory for blogs with the entrecard widgets. Don’t know if this is useful – but what the heck. After tinkering some PHP and HTML codes which I have zero knowledge, I finally have my site directory that I call the Entrecard Blogs Directory.

Entrecard Blogs DirectoryThe objective is simple – list all blogs with the entrecard widgets and probably speed up my daily entrecard dropping. The site directory is also very simple, and easy to use. If you guys (and gals) want to have your Blog listed, feel free to add it up at Entrecard Blogs Directory. If you want to suggest a category, please leave a comment with your suggested Category.

By the way, I used the entrecard name and widget logo (but put a disclaimer on the site that it’s not affiliated with and that the Entrecard logo and name is owned by Entrecard). If in anyway I have violated something, please feel free to inform me so I can make a quick corrective action.

On the side: Pepsi or Coke? Choco or Vanilla? Briefs or boxers? Take the survey and find out.