Might not be a conventional way to blog, but Autoblogging is certainly the most convenient way to get contents from different sources and automatically post those articles into your blog. Talk about easy and lazy blogging. You can virtually grab any content – text articles, music, videos, youtube videos from any RSS/Atom source and auto post it into your blog. It’s possible to create a dozen or even a hundred of new posts per day with autoblogging.

Autoblogging is simply getting contents from someone else’s articles – taking advantage of individual RSS/Atom Feeds or aggregate feeds called OPML. The setup is simple – you install a plugin, select your desired content Categories, or type the RSS/Atom URL Feeds you want to fetch contents. It can even autodiscover a site’s RSS feeds if its template has appropriate meta tags for RSS feeds autodiscovery.

WordPress Plugins/Add-ons for Autoblogging

There are quite a number of WordPress plugins and add-ons for autoblogging, some are free while others can be purchased for a single site or multisite use. I am featuring only the following as I have experimented on them – no, not on this blog. For full functionality and features description, follow the links (Note: Some links are actually affiliate links):

WP-O-Matic – free Autoblogging wordpress plugin with the ability to fetch RSS/Atom contents from any site with RSS/Atom feed. It also allows auto rewriting of certain words, create campaigns based on categories, cache images, words relinking – useful if you want to automatically link certain words or phrases to your other posts/articles or even other blogs.

SyndicateKahuna – a free wordpress add-on (not installed in plugins folder but at the root of your wordpress blog). After you register, you can add your blogs where you want to auto-populate contents. You then select topics/articles Categories and even specify keywords if you want a keyword specific content.

Autoblogged – a commercial and more powerful autoblogging plugin which allows fetching many types of contents, even Youtube videos. If you are looking for a user friendly autoblogging tool, more flexible and with lots of options, this is the one for you for a small investment.

Is Autoblogging Ethical?

It depends on anyone’s perspective. But one thing for sure, some people (including yours truly) will consider you an article thief if I see one of my posts in your blog without my permission. I have seen many of Bloggista.com’s articles in many other sites – some in summarized form with a link back to this blog, but others publish the entire article without even an acknowledgment of the original source. They even put their own names as the author.

However, there are also sites that allow fetching of articles using Autoblogging tools for a fee. Try Googling it in your browser.

How can one earn money with Autoblogging?

The most popular way to make money with autoblogging is putting Google Adsense ads. But you will not be earning a good amount of money if you will just solely rely on those auto-contents of your blog, as sites using autoblogging are generally ranked lower in SERP’s. You have to do some SEO work, as well as posting some original article if you want to rank higher in Search engines.

Aside from Google Adsense, you can also make money with autoblogging tools by creating online e-commerce stores using your Affiliate account with several popular Online marketplaces and affiliate programs. This will be discussed in my next Article about Autoblogging.

Have you tried Autoblogging? Or will you ever try it? Feel free to share your thoughts about Autoblogging, ethical issues and other concerns.