Well, the previous post on Autoblogging, as expected, have generated “mixed” reactions from my blogging friends, visitors and guests. But it was cool – since we get to know the thoughts of different bloggers when it comes to the ethical issue on autoblogging, or automatically posting contents to blogs using other people’s articles.

Actually, there are autoblogging communities where members submit their articles for syndication in other blogs – using autoblogging tools. Its a good strategy to actually get lots of backlinks, and probably traffic as well. If you haven’t tried SyndicateKahuna, this one won’t cost you a cent and a ‘sense’ of guilt, since the articles that get autoposted in your blog were intended for such purpose.

The only problem with SyndicateKahuna is the quality of some articles. Some were as poorly written as mine (LOL). But you can always delete them, or perhaps, edit them for grammar and spelling errors.

Now let’s talk about other uses of Autoblogging tools. Other autoblogging plugins for WordPress can also grab contents using datafeeds, mostly in .CSV, or XML format. This is helpful if you are an Affiliate of known Affiliate Programs like Commission Junction, LInkshare, e-Bay, ShareaSale, Clickbank, etc. These types of autoblogging plugins are great for building your Affiliate Website or eCommerce Stores populated with products linked directly to your affiliate account.

This is probably the best way to populate your blog store with Contents, rather than posting them one by one manually. If you do some SEO work, there could be a huge potential to earn big – since we all know the revenue potential of affiliate marketing or selling.

Some autoblogging tools claim that by using such, one can generate income of thousands of dollars a month – a claim that were disproved by some, while others claimed to have actually achieved it. I suggest that you examine the product and feedbacks carefully before you decide to purchase the plugins.

Autoblogging Tools for Building your Online/Affiliate Stores using WordPress

10DayCashSecrets. This tool as claimed by its creator, Neil Shearing, a veteran Internet Marketer, made him earn USD255.37 in affiliate commissions, in just ten days using a brand new website built from scratch and auto-populated its contents with affiliate products. Although there are some people who said they did not earn something substantial, but this one is worth the try especially if you put in some good article posting and SEO work on your site.

For a one time investment of USD154.00 – this is something you might want to try.

Datafeedr. This tool allows creation of Unlimited Affiliate Store using datafeeds of most affiliate programs. It also claims it has built SEO into the product – so you can concentrate in growing your revenue streams of websites. This can be acquired for a monthly subscription, starting at USD27.00 per month.

Most bloggers use AdSense to generate income from their blogs. Some opt for paid posts and reviews, as well as accepting private advertising. Perhaps, building your online Affiliate Stores will open up even more lucrative opportunities – but then again, there is no guarantee in every revenue program. You have to put some initial great amount of dedication and effort to succeed.

But the first step to success is to try – have you tried some lately? Your thoughts and experiences on this topic will be greatly appreciated.