While a handful are saying they don’t need it, most are really working to get a higher Google Page Rank. Why is it important? Honestly, I only knew about this thing only last month – haha, very surprising for a guy who does Oracle projects for a long time. I didn’t cared about page ranking before. But when I had my first blog last November, it was only then that I began to understand how important a page rank is.

If I have to earn money from my site, then I need to have a decent page rank. There is always this general perception that a site is good if it has a high page rank – though there are exceptions. I learned that Google determines your page rank by looking at the ‘votes’ for your site. This ‘votes’ are actually links from other sites to your site. And the higher the PR of a site linking to you, the higher your valuation would be. Thus, if I got a link from Boingboing or even Google, it will have great impact on the value of my site.

Google also looks at the quality of these sites linked to you. It is notably vicious against illegal and porn sites – thus it is wise to avoid being linked on these sites. Consequently, being linked by a PR4 site where my blog is one of its 10 blogroll is much better than being linked by a PR8 site but with thousands of other site links on it. Which is why I appreciate it very much if I got a link from a site even without a page rank – as long as it has some nice decent contents and not spam. Why? I will tell at the last part of this post.

My understanding above may not be as good as what the SEO masters see on Page Ranking. These are what I have learned after browsing a few stuff about Page Ranking. I haven’t read any SEO book or newsletter yet, except that I have learned a thing or two on some nice blogs like Karlonia‘s (hey, thanks for the tip love 🙂 and some other reference materials.

Lastly, while I could not disagree on Deimos‘ comment on my post on my Fearless Google PR Forecast for my favorite Entrecarders, I still believe, with the way he generates fans and traffics to his blog, that he can easily get the forecasted PR. Why? I give you some good cases in point. I have 3 domains (on-myweb.com, negosyo.ws and bloggista.com). I haven’t done anything of value to both negosyo.ws and on-myweb.com yet, except for two subdomains – a furniture designer company blog site and a simple flash gaming site for my little son. I worked on these sites only last December, with no SEO stuff, but Google gives both a PR2 rank. I don’t have any idea why. It doesn’t have that much links to these sites, not much traffic, no SEO – none at all, but still it has PR2.

My first blog at WordPress.com, blogRebel was created 21-November of last year. But I only started posting on it first week of December 2007. Its not a great blog, doesn’t have  good traffic, not much inbound links – just plain posts, no memes, no ‘tagged’; but Google gave it a PR4. Now all of these sites are exactly an opposite of what I learned about how to get a good Google Page Rank. Perhaps you guys can leave a comment on what are your thoughts.