Once in a while Bloggista.com recognizes its blogging friends and visitors by featuring their sites for the other readers to check out.

Recently, yours truly have faced an almost insurmountable tasks at the office marketing SaaS software and services in the Philippines and the world, doing product presentations and demos I barely have time to blog and reply to comments or visiting other blogs. So in between meetings and few hours of sleep, I made sure to make quick peep at some blogs, and here are some of the interesting posts/sites you might want to check out:

The Queen was betrayed by a bastard black knight who brought havoc to her Official Empire Palace. She’s now forced to abdicate her throne “temporarily” and settled at her Financial Estate while re-building her royal abode.

Snow of Dearbloggery is getting political lately and voiced out her thoughts regarding the junking of the latest impeachment complaint against Madam President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Ambo’s review of the latest movie flick, Twilight made me realized the movie is all about Vampires, and not about a TV series a long time ago called Twilight Zone. LOL.

Angel the Fatherblogger shared his revenue experience with Google AdSense. I am equally excited with his first Adsense Check as it will mean more songs to stretch the vocal chords with at a favorite hang-out cum public videoke bar in Makati.

Metz of EmptyStreets (but definitely with a loaded brain) shared his A-Z keys to site traffic, whew! that’s 26 ways to increase your site’s traffic.

Bendzg, a youth leader in hiatus, talks about his change of heart regarding posting fake Pinay Sex Scandal posts. He described it as a new Pinoy blogger’s rite of passage. But he has more to say you better check him out.

ArchonDigital, released his new portfolio page, the Studio as part of his sinister master plan towards world domination. Check out his subtle yet crisp graphics creations, and his WordPress theme development journey.

Techjaws is blogging about the scarcity of female Tech bloggers. It noted that while most of us write with passion, Female bloggers provide emotion on their articles that lead many to read on the story. Female tech bloggers also write more interesting tech stories, Frank also added. If you are interested to join Techjaws as tech bloggers, better check them out.

There is also a new site where the best blog posts and articles can be found. Everyone is invited to join Blogjoints.com – submit and rate articles of each member. There will be some exciting activities in there in the coming weeks so better check it out.

So there! It will be an exciting week ahead, as many Filipino bloggers are preparing for the announcement of the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam (NLE) Results and list of passers, plus the whole world is expecting the Manny Pacquiao vs De La Hoya Fight results, which will take place in Las Vegas on December 6, 2008 (December 7, Sunday morning Manila Time).