Did you hear your CPU fan squealing and your computer suddenly becomes so sluggish? Perhaps some malware or spyware is running – but if you have a good firewall and still experiencing this, probably it’s your Windows that’s trying to kill your Windows system after all.

I stumbled upon this very informative piece of tips from the editors at Download.com. At times when you need to do something and your Windows system started to behave ‘normally’ – meaning, something’s weird is going on – check your Task Manager ( I usually just use the ALT+ CTL + DEL combo) and check which processes is killing your CPU. Assuming you got a clean system – no spyware/malware are running, check out svchost.exe and probably you will see several of these processes running at the same time.

SVCHOST.exe is a generic process name for Windows services that run from Microsoft DLL’s. What does this mean? You can check out the article to get more details. Now to jump into something that you can immediately try – whenever you encounter this ‘phenomenon’ in your Windows sytem – disable the Task Scheduler and the Windows Update temporarily. These two alone once ‘killed’ can greatly reduce the CPU load of your system. At times ‘stopping’ the svchost.exe services won’t work, so you can just contend yourself with both Task Scheduler and Windows Update.

ref: The Daily Download: Stop svchost.exe from stealing CPU cycles | Tips, news, and opinions from Download.com editors