The Busby SEO Test contest has been running since 1st of October 2008 and promises exciting prizes to SEO enthusiasts who will dominate the Top 5 pages in Google when the keyphrase busby seo test is searched. The contest ends on 31st of January 2009.

This is actually the second competition this year sponsored by Busby Web Solutions. I have been reluctant to join, since first, I don’t have “technical” knowhow on search engine optimization techniques, and second, I don’t have the time to really promote my entry and ask people to give me backlinks for keyword Busby SEO Test.

The first time I joined the competition way back in June, I finished poorly, being only in the Top 100 finishers. This time, I will be using my “all about everything” blog at  I have started over the weekend changing some basic keywords of, changed its Blog name from | Intense Passion for Blogging to Busby SEO Test | Intense Passion for Blogging.

I am still very far away from winning the top 5 prizes, as is only ranked at 108th spot as of this writing. There are a lot of SEO masters joining this competition, and notably, lots of Filipino bloggers and SEO masters as well.

So it will be really tough, and my goal is to be included only in the Top 100 finishers. I will try to see how far can crude SEO techniques could go against a horde of SEO monsters and masters. LOL. I will be reporting my progress here every week and monitor if my entry will ever cross the 100 under mark.

If you want to join my quest towards the realms of expected frustrations, errr, I mean, join me in this challenge, you can simply support me by adding a link in your sidebar or footer with the keyphrase Busby SEO Test and link it to

Many thanks in advance!