The global financial crisis has affected many Overseas Filipino Workers and Professionals, with fears of massive layoffs in Macau, Taiwan, the United States, Europe and in many other countries. Due to the unavailability of jobs in the Philippines that gives “decent pay” to its citizenry, Filipinos have been known to be one of the large groups of people looking for jobs in other countries.

This exodus of professionals have benefited the host countries since Filipinos are known to be skilled, diligent and effective at what they do. But on the other hand, it has benefited the country whose economy have been partly dependent on the inflow of cash remitted from overseas foreign workers.

But a few days ago, while I was checking for the Nov 2008 Nursing Board Exam results in Google, I spotted a news over at ABS-CBN online reporting that Queensland, the second-biggest state in Australia is needing 120,000 skilled workers.

Excerpts of the news story:

The state’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) export office recently held a job mission in Cebu to encourage workers to consider working in Australia, particularly in Queensland.

“There are so many investments and development, yet there are not enough people who will take up the available jobs in Australia,” said Katherine Mernane, director for the export office. VET is composed of the local and national government, employers, as well as training providers.

… workers would be needed in tourism and hospitality, business, accounting, hair dressing as well as in health and community services. Queensland has a 4-million population.

… high demand for workers in the transport, forestry, water, energy and industry development sectors.

… Australia is “well-positioned financially” compared to other developed countries that are in the midst of the global financial troubles.

Also highlighted in the report is the biggest advantage of Filipinos – the ability to speak English. Click here to see full details of the news story.