On March 10, this blog will be two months old, and will also mark my first 60 days of Bloggista Earnings Imagetrying to make money online. Sure I have other blogs, since I started blogging late November 2007, but there was never a genuine effort to monetize those sites.

I have seen several bloggers who posted their online earnings – those were amazing, I could only wish I could do it too, but, being new and ignorant about making money online ( I couldn’t disagree with Entrepreneur’s comments), I still have lots to learn, and I know it won’t happen overnight, just like what Darren the ProBlogger shared in his great blog.

Am I compelled to show off my very little online earnings? Nope, but in my life, whenever I want to achieve something, I always put a big reminder on a place where I see it everyday- in my office cubicle, in my room, in my car… And since I get to see my blog everyday, I decided to post these numbers to remind me to work harder and reach my goals.

But I don’t have to be very specific yet – I am just posting the summaries for easy Bloggista Earnings Summarypresentation. Earnings were not that good, however, the recurring Affiliate programs proved to be very promising. Other ads (AdBrite, BidVertiser, TTZ Media, Shopping Ads) were not as promising, and were overshadowed by Google AdSense and Project Wonderful, surprisingly. I am considering taking out those non-performing ads in the coming days.

On the other hand, Smorty proved to be a good blog earner – though I only took just one post among a number of opportunities given to me. Next month, I should take it with considerable efforts.

As expected, my traffic stats were not good. I still have lots to learn, and find ways to improve this site. I encountered several days of unacceptable website performance,Bloggista.com Stats hopefully, my web host could fix that problem – but I already lost valuable traffic due to that. Though, the numbers grew by more than 200 percent on the second month, from 1,225 unique visitors in January to 2,846 in February. Hits on the second month were at 273K as compared to 94K in February. However, bounce rate was just too much at 65%, and this can be attributed perhaps with Entrecard – and something have to be done with this. But for starters like me, Entrecard is still a necessity. Though this could also have affected the ranking I got from Google.

As for other referrers, search engines placed 2nd after Entrecard-related referrals. Worthwhile to note are the following top keywords:

Google: how to monetize blog, monetize blog def, sites with High CPM rates (surprisingly listed at no. 3! LOL)

Yahoo: top free blog sites, free blog sites (amazingly listed at either no.3 or no.4 spot! – try it!)

Yes, I still got lots to learn, and still a long way to go. That’s why blogging is now becoming even more interesting for me… however, I could still not make some sacrifices with my Consulting engagements as outlined in the 9 Tips to Start Blogging Succesfully by the ProBlogger- as my earnings is still way way below my Consulting income per month.