I’m just bored. It’s start of the week and I guess the coming days will be one of those days you wish will just pass by quickly. I was thinking of browsing over eBay and find out if there’s a time jumper on auction – enough for me to jump 10 days from now.

So sorry no make money online post or current events post for today and perhaps for another few days – but will try my best to churn out a few minutes to keep this blog alive – don’t want you people to be bored of reading and seeing Manny Pacquiao’s victory pose on my previous post.

They say you can’t afford to be lazy even for a minute when you want to succeed. Opportunities knock only once. But somehow over the years, I learned that these statements aren’t true. In fact, you need to slow down a bit when things seemed to move faster than what you initially thought to be. Opportunities don’t knock once, they in fact don’t knock at all, but many times they come at your door and they always come back – you just have to open the door.

So perhaps its enough justification to be lazy sometimes huh… What do you think? The only problem when I feel so bored and lazy, my poor sense of rumor, err, humor takes control. But don’t worry I’m not going to attempt even the slightest funny stuff else, its just too… hmmm, “corny” as Filipinos would call it.

By the way, I have posted some not so good quality Pacquiao vs De La Hoya fight videos here, and more here. See? Even typing the appropriate anchor texts for the links – I’m just too lazy to do it.

The only thing that made me smile this morning was when I remembered a joke I heard over radio a few weeks back. There were these two “pa-sosyal” girls talking.

Girl 1: Oh my Godddd! I love everything Linea Italia!

Girl 2: Oh my Godddd! Me too! I love their pasta!

Darn! Too lousy a joke but it made me laugh though. Get back to work now, and okay, stop looking at your adsense. 🙂