Or should I call it, the race to the USD5,000.00 prize. Greatness? Probably in the world of SEO enthusiasts. Am I serious of my participation to the Busby SEO Test contest? Sort of, but my noob SEO tactics will definitely not work.

A week after my official entry as a noob participant to the Busby SEO Test contest, nothing amazing happen really except for the lucky number that is my ranking as of this writing of my Bloggista.org blog – my site entry to the Busby SEO Test competition.

As promised, I will be posting the progress weekly. From 108th spot last week, my Busby SEO Test entry is currently ranked at number 69 position. Pinayspeak is still solid at number one, but the SEO Masters from Indonesia are closing in.

What did I do to improve my standing when the keyphrase Busby SEO Test is searched in Google? Nothing, honestly, except for the following:

  • I blogged about it here on Bloggista.com
  • I made a few regular posts at my Busby SEO Test entry site

There are no link exchange activities yet, no keyword density tool used – nothing special, just the usual posts. Check back next week as I will post my 3rd Busby SEO Test contest standing update.