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Google updates and Operation Dewey

According to Website Magazine, somethin’ is cookin’ within the hallowed hall of The Great Google lately. Quoting from an article in its website on April 2: Many SEO’s are noticing some major shifts in their rankings this morning at Google. Early reports are of a major update (now being dubbed “Dewey”) which began last night and is continuing throughout the morning. It was also noted that there is still an indication of a significant crackdown on websites “without sufficient content and that rely on anchor text (perhaps paid text ads) from other sites”. [Website Magazine] While a regular Google update is anticipated by many, much like a bride waiting for her groom, to some it is also a scary, harrowing, and disappointing experience, much like a stood up bride. Now we can check if those SEO tactics by several Filipinos (including me) would work in the first 2 or 3 pages of Google search results. So its time again to see whether keywords like Googoool, gogol, gogel, googel, goog;e, and the more popular keywords pinay scandal, pinay sex scandal, pinay videos, pinay sex videos written and used in lots of posts would make these blogs appear in the top pages. [HTML1] Could not wait to see if would make it in the top 2 pages for pinay sex scandal keyword. Oops, unfortunately, using pinay sex scandal keywords on...

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Pinay Scandal and the SEO Experiment

So, if you happen to get into this blog using the keyword Pinay Scandal, then this is a success – but don’t hate me for doing this. Before you guys go, (and probably full of disappointments) maybe you or know some folks who have the following skills, please contact me, I got some projects for them to do (and that means less time on looking at Pinay Scandal Sex Videos or Pinay Sexy Photos – or some other Asian Sexy girls for that matter…).

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Stumbled upon: my first Stumbleupon traffic experience

These past few days, I noticed a sudden spike of my traffic stats. Being new to this make money online blogging stuff, traffic statistics is the second most information I check every time I go online – (the first one is my meager AdSense earnings LOL). Though numbering less than a hundred visits each time, Stumbleupon did sent some traffics to my site for a few days now! Even more than what Entrecard traffic gave me in a week. This was quite an awesome experience, even if it’s nothing compared to Michael’s Stumble traffic experience a few days back. I have seen some reviews about the quality of traffic Stumbleupon generates. Some are great, others are not so good. However, just like Entrecard, a site hit is still traffic for newbie bloggers. And with Stumbleupon and its millions of members, getting some attention from its Stumblers is already a great accomplishment, so far. This was actually one of the things that I have been experimenting lately. And how to drive traffic from is one of them. As most would agree, to make money online with your blog, quality traffic is a must. And its synonymous with quality and interesting blog contents. Have you been Stumbled lately? Please leave your feedback. Your comment is worth 10 entrecredits....

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