All You Need To Know About The #HOKK Migration

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Hokkaidu Inu token ($HOKK) is doing it’s migration to a new smart contract that they won’t be renouncing so they can implement new features and improvements whenever necessary.

The current #HOKK smart contract on Ethereum Network was renounced early and made it difficult to make adjustments.

This however doesn’t impact $HOKK holders on BSC Network as the migration process is automated.

The new ETH-based HOKK will have a lower supply of just 2.5 billion tokens vs. the current supply of 100 quadrillion.

This could be a smart move as similar tokens (#ePro or now called #QuidIka) have seen significant increase in value after a reset.

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Crypto Profit Calculator

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When you’re into crypto currency investment, you need an exit, and a re-entry strategy.

Use this simple calculator to determine at which price level you may SELL and make a re-investment and make profit.

If you plan to make a re-entry or re-investment, you can use this simple calculator to determine the right Exit Price and target re-entry price and still get some profits.

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Featured Crypto Token Of The Week: QUID IKA

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Been too busy with a lot of stuff lately, so after two years of blogging hiatus, it’s time to revive this blog. And to kick start things up, I’m blogging about my favorite crypto token right now – #QUIDIKA!

Quid Ika ($QUID) has surged from 0.003usd per token to an all time high of 0.078 in just two weeks – that’s more than 2000% growth! Although the journey has not been that great – Quid Ika is a re-brand of the previous #ePro token.

ePro by itself has evolved its smart contract and migrated to a new one, before Quid Ika came into the picture. I was a holder of ePro, and that’s where I got my Quid Ika tokens. ePro token holders were airdopped with Quid Ika, for free a few weeks back.

So what is QUID IKA? According to the website:

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