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Been fun stuff all year long – including this

I’m guilty, I’ve been putting more time to playing #NBAFantasy than blogging lately. And seeing videos like this just simply made my day, even spent a minute to just write a blog post about it. For sure – everyone with Facebook have seen this, but doesn’t matter. Still very hilarious want to “immortalize” it on this blog. Post by Relativity...

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Transform yourself with Schick

As a kid, I loved daydreaming as Superman. I wanted Superman toys, and when I grew up I spent part of my allowance buying Superman comics. I’d do everything just to be Superman. And if I had the powers of MAN OF STEEL for one (1) week, how would I use it? Read through the lines, here are my sinister plans: Day 1. Free the world – from nuclear weapons. My heat vision and super senses can detect uranium and nuclear warheads from hundreds of light years away. Uranus would be a nice storage place, right? Day 2. Star...

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The Cigar Guy Photoshop Frenzy

He’s an instant Internet Star. These past days the web is all filled up with his photo-shopped images. The Cigar Guy’s photo is probably one of the most popular photo meme ever to hit the web. Check some of the coolest Cigar Guy photo collections.

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Viva Pit Senor! – 30 Years of Cebu Sinulog

Happy Sinulog to all Sto. Nino devotees of the world. This year marks the 30th year the Sinulog festival. This happens in Cebu City every 3rd Sunday of January. The following video perfectly describes the Sinulog in many ways – it’s history, the beat, the dancing and the events.

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