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Best Smartphone Choices in the Philippines

This is a guest post by Callie Payne, the smartphone expert at PricePanda. She offers you her analysis of the smartphone market in the Philippines. She is going to give you some advices to help you to choose the best smartphone according to your needs. The Philippines: a country going smartphone crazy. With a record reaching 75% increase in mobile shipments, the country is leading smartphone adoption in Asia. How can this be explained? By the aggressively low prices of local Filipino brands providing customers what they want: affordable smartphones. With a staggering 85% of Filipinos saying that they would...

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Blackberry Philippines releases Blackberry Z10

Blackberry is not dead – not yet, as what Blackberry is hoping when it released its brand new smartphone running on the new Blackberry 10 mobile operating system, the Blackberry Z10. As a “die-hard” Blackberry fan (I am still using a good old Blackberry model), the Z10 is something worth checking. At Php 29,990.00 recommended retail price in the Philippines however, my dream of getting a new Blackberry smartphone will remain a dream. The new Blackberry Z10 (pronounced ‘zed-ten’) looks promising, with a 16GB internal storage, the usual microSD memory card for expansion, 4.2″ touch display, 8 megapixel rear camera with 1080p HD video, has autofocus with LED flash. It has an intelligent touchscreen keyboard that learns how you write (I think I’ve seen this on most smartphones). It has Voice Control and can recognize natural speech patterns so that you can actually use the feature. And now you can enjoy worldwide free voice and messaging via BBM. The Camera with Time Shift feature sounds cool – so you can always get that cutest snapshot of yours and share on FB. It is 3G ready although Globe is claiming to support Z10 LTE exclusively. The Blackberry Z10 highlights what we love about Blackberry, a secure phone. For a detailed specifications, pricing, reviews and features of the Z10, check out the Blackberry Philippines website. Globe Telecom is offering the Blackberry...

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