Game of Thrones – The Mad Queen

Daenerys Targaryen, the daughter of the slain mad king, knows what it likes to be constantly in danger since she was a baby. Growing up along an abusive brother, she endured all sorts of pain and humiliation for one specific goal – that she will claim the Iron Throne one day.

Some spoilers ahead, be warned, but mostly are just “wild guess“.

Game of Throne’s season 8 episode 4, “The Last of the Starks” seemed to be the breaking point for Dany, who is left with just a few allies.

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Why Hacked Email Accounts Are So Dangerous

Have you ever received a suspicious email from someone you know? It’s more common than most of us might imagine. That’s because when a hacker steals their victim’s email account, they use it to create more victims by sending out spam messages to users on the stolen account’s address book. It’s a major invasion of privacy, not to mention dangerous.

These messages frequently contain links to fake or “phishing” websites, which will be designed to resemble real websites but exist solely to either infect visitors with malware or pose as a location for people to “log in,” thereby unwittingly handing over their account info.

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7 reasons why your small business should start selling online

Planning to start a small business? Surely, your business idea is amazing but, a business does not just run on pixie dust or magic. A lot of planning and decision making is involved, one of which is “where you should start your business?”

Finding a suitable and affordable place might be a hard task to think of. So, why not start a business on the Internet. Here are 7 reasons why you should start selling online and grant your business an online presence.

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Are device cams a security concern?

Fact or not, but web security and privacy experts are advising you to cover your device camera (laptops, mobile phones, tablets). Notable people do, like Mark Zuckerberg (yes, the Facebook guy), as reported in this article.

Perhaps the best way to convince you is to seek an answer to the following question: Can some people really spy on you through your laptop or smartphone camera?

The answer is a creepy YES! Tech experts like the guys at believe its not only hackers who are interested in viewing your most private moments, but also some schools checking their students, and companies tracking its employees to see what they’re doing at any given time.

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