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From a personal blog of my good friend Joliber in 2007, this site has transformed into a new, fast-growing and full pledged free classified ads website in the Philippines. It is a truly proud buy and sell Filipino website that is customer-focused and service-oriented. Read on…

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How Can Newbies Succeed in Blogging? Growing Your Blog

In her previous article, Jonha shared her tips and experiences on how one can start blogging and stressed the importance of carefully selecting specific niche of your blog. In this article, Jonha writes about how to make your blog grow – by driving regular readers and not just traffic.

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The October 2009 CPA Board Exam Results SEO race

One such popular posts that is surely generating hits are PRC Board Exam results. That is why you would see familiar board exam results posts in many Filipino blogs. The one that’s going on right now is the October 2009 CPA board exam results (by the way, if it happened you came here searching for the CPA board exam results, just follow the link).

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Bloggista November Top Commenters

Every month, as a simple way of thanking my friends and visitors for making this blog alive with their comments, Top Commenters will have a chance to win these two simple rewards: USD15.00 paid via PayPal and one Domain (hosting not included).

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Define Bloggista Contest: And the Winner Is…

No not yet… I’m really having a hard time deciding which entry will eventually emerge as the Overall Winner of the Bloggista Definition Contest. That is why I sought the help of some close friends to give their valuable inputs and recommend who’s definition should be rewarded with the USD100.00 prize, plus Hosting with Domain – with 1.5 Terrabytes of disk space, unlimited subdomains, 15 Terrabytes of bandwidth; a banner/logo design, one year of free 125×125 banner ad here at, plus 5,000 Entrecard Credits (now this one’s a big problem as the recent Entrecard Policy prohibits transferring of more than 1,000 EC in a week).

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Vote for the Best Bloggista Definition and Win a Domain

Yes, you read it right. Help choose the best definition of the word “Bloggista” from these great Definition of Bloggista contest participants, and get a chance to win one of three (3) domains of your choice (limited only to .com, .org, .net or .ws domains, hosting not included but you may want to check out my Free Hosting offer as well).

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The Bloggista Definition Contest Entries List

For over a month now, is running its first ever Blog Contest – The Best Definition of Bloggista. There will be 10 Finalists to be selected and one over-all winner. Different criteria are set to determine the over-all winner, namely: popularity (number of votes), contest sponsors choices, friends’ choices and my own personal preference.

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The Large Hadron Collider and my Google Page Rank

Today, scientists at CERN have switched on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) –  a massive underground laboratory smashes protons together and analyzes the sub-atomic debris that results. The project, housed in a 27-kilometer (16.9-mile) circular tunnel near Geneva, aims at resolving some of the greatest mysteries in physics, and re-creating the time “a second after the Big Bang event” which many scientists believed happened some billions of years ago. A Legal fight was put up trying to stop the scientists from proceeding the planned event today – fearing that the process triggers a mini-blackhole that may tear the earth apart – thus marking the end of the world. Well, after much fanfare, nothing happened. Although it was dubbed succesful, but nothing much happened – no blackhole, God’s existence is still not disproved. The elusive God Particle – or the Higgs Boson is nowhere to be found – not yet, as still a series of tests and a major event is also set come 10 of October of this year. On the other hand, after two days of mourning for the sudden disappearance of my Google Page Rank, today I got my Google PR 3 back. Perhaps this was an effect of the LHC experiment, somehow it sucked up my Google PR in its mini blackhole for a while. I even asked Joliber over at to check my PR...

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888: Comment Rewards, Blog Hops and Linky Love is now also among the Top 50 Blogs in the Philippines, based on Alexa Rank in August. It was a breakout in August but I’m expecting a roller-coaster ride at the tail-end until probably this blog improves its Alexa to another 10K. Also, Bloggista is one of the Top 200 Websites in the Philippines – and I am hoping I would be able to maintain that, if not, improve further.

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Blog Roundup and Linky Love

Well, today, the world will see another Miss Universe winner. So check out my post on the Miss Universe 2008 Winners, Results and Updates. Also check out the new Team entry to the Busby SEO Challenge. Your support to the Busby SEO Challenge will be greatly appreciated – give the team some back link lovin.

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