How to Earn More in #KaraStar NFT Game

(Note: This post is based from KaraStar Medium article.)

Due to the mechanics of KaraStar battle system, the entire battle mode is suitable for competitive matches, which was designed to enable the players of the game to get more rewards as they understand the game, create their strategies to win and get more rewards through UMY – the crypto-currency of the KaraStar ecosystem.

In order to play, KaraStar players need to obtain 3 Kara (via NFT auction, or thru breeding or purchasing it in the marketplace. Upgrading Karas make it more stronger and win through PVP and dungeon battles. Make sure to upgrade or breed only Kara which have the better qualities. The stronger your Kara is, the better the chance to earn more – so the secret is to breed and evolve stronger Karas!

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How to add KaraStar and UMY on your Metamask Wallet

The Metaverse and crypto NFT gaming is expanding thanks to the popularity of Axie Infinity. If you think getting into Axie is a bit late and expensive, you might want to check out KaraStar.

What is KaraStar?

Those cutie looking monsters battling each other are called Kara, each with different “race” or type, and can be bred and evolved into much stronger Kara.

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Missed #Shib? Check out Quid Ika – Here’s Why

My personal view on the current Shiba Inu price level is its not the best time now to make an entry, it is oversold, and while some predict a price of up to 0.0035 by end of December 2021, that’s still a very risky investment as it may retrace to 0.0004 or lower.

Shiba Inu ($SHIB) price as of this writing is $0.00007288, with a market cap of $40.06 Billion, grabbing the #9 spot of the top ten crpyto, and with 856K holders.

Now compare that to $QUID (Quid Ika), a new crypto, launched a few weeks ago with a supply of just 500M tokens and dubbed as the “first Ika of the Ikaysystem.” Its value grew more than 2000% in just under 2 weeks. Got mine at $0.0004 and the current price is $0.068, or almost an x20 growth.

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