Beyond The Sign Band

Beyond The Sign – Featured OPM Band

In the OPM industry, there has been a huge resurgence of bands recently.  We have just recently discovered a promising OPM band – BEYOND THE SIGN. 

Although relatively new as a band,  Beyond the Sign is composed of professional musicians/singer whose passion is their love and craft for music.

Beyond the Sign is a Pop-Rock band originally formed as a duo in 2018 by J.E. Mandapat (Vocals and Composer of the band) and Eric Ellazar (Keyboard/Guitar). 

They officially released their 1st single “Pikit Mata” and added Shine Selorio (Bass), Krishan Marasigan (Electric Guitar) & John Angeles (Drums) in 2019 to form their original line up. 

Currently joining the OPM music scene, playing their original songs thru prod gigs and radio stations for their music to be heard. 

The latest gigs they have joined are: Imago Music Video Launch at 70’s bistro; radio guesting at ABS-CBN’s  MOR 101.9. 

Their first single “PIKIT MATA” has been launched last July 24, and was published on Youtube the next day. Within just four days after release, they have now reached more than 16,000 views. The music video is starring the famous vlogger/actress Jelai Andres. 

Here’s the Youtube link:

Aside from Pikit Mata, they also have unreleased songs which are truly amazing, this includes – Distansya, Natagpuan and Halika Na. 

Learn more about this band by following them on all social media platforms: 

Facebook: @beyondthesignmusic

Instagram: @beyondthesignmusic

Twitter: @beyondthesign 

#FactCheck: Jollibee Spinwheelmania FB Giveaway – Scam or Legit?

I say it’s a SCAM, and don’t ever click the link and refrain from sharing it. Unless Jollibee tells us it’s legit – stay away, better safe than sorry.

I recently received a number of Facebook messages from friends supposedly a referral link to a website giving out free meals from a popular Philippines fast food chain, Jollibee.

What bothers me is first, I never heard of any Jollibee promo announced on TV and social media. Second, after examining the URL ‘]’, this is redirected to another website ‘’.

Checking both and – these two sites don’t have anything on its root page – it’s all blank.

Both sites are hosted on a server in Germany using same hosting company called Hertzner Online Gambh.

Everything seems to be normal except for one thing – ‘’has a known threat called “Phishing” when checking the url for security using safe site checker

What is “Phishing”? (Fortiguard Labs – a global threat research and response) identifies with a Category: Phishing

Counterfeit web pages that duplicate legitimate business web pages for the purpose of eliciting financial, personal or other private information from the users.

This is the real danger of falling victim to shady giveaways just as this as it could be a form of luring people to click on links leading to sites which then install malware or virus to a user’s device and collect personal and business data or worse, lock them out of their devices and would then be asked to pay money so they can regain access or control (ransomware).

I would be glad to revise this post if this is legit. What’s suspect is why would Jollibee use a website which could potentially compromise its customers. And why there are no news or media adverts about it?

So be wary of gimmicks online – and as they say, think before you click.

#FactCheck: No, this is not the capsized F/B GemVer 1

Certain individuals, including a GMA-7 resident political analyst have spread this photo as the F/B GemVer 1 which sank in WestPH sea after it got hit by a Chinese vessel.

The above photo (courtesy of Philippines Navy) is actually a picture of another fishing boat “Athan Uno” which sank around El Nido waters in Palawan after it got hit by strong winds and big waves on August 2, 2018.

News of this incident can be found here along with the photo: 37 fishermen rescued from sinking vessel off El Nido, Palawan (SunStar Daily).

Related Story:

A Filipino fishing boat (F/B GemVer 1) with 22 crews onboard sunk after it was hit by a bigger Chinese vessel in the disputed West Philippines Sea.

Whether it was an accident or a deliberate act, this incident warrants a thorough investigation. The Philippines government have already sent a strong protest, and China has assured they will punish the Chinese vessel crew if found guilty.

Demand for compensation is in order and we need China’s assurance that this won’t happen again.

However China has released an initial statement and have accused that the Filipinos were the aggressor and in the process of fleeing it bumped into the smaller Filipino fishing boat.

Being a very sensitive issue, the government is just right in handling this in a very calculated manner so as to preserve good ties with China.

Definitely there’s no need to severe ties or declare war as what the noisy minority wants the government should do.

We have our share of unfortunate incidents involving foreign nationals in the past, like the Luneta hostage crisis which claimed several Chinese lives but China or Hong Kong did not severe ties with us nor declared war.

A prudent approach to incidents like this is the best solution, and we are just glad that we have people in government who know how to manage this kind of situation.

#FactCheck: No, “migrate” did not trend in Google search as reported by ABS-CBN

Its clearly a #fakenews. The motive of the story? Your guess is as good as mine.

ABS-CBN reported that in the few hours after the preliminary election results were released, a trend in Google search for the terms “migrate” and “migrating” were noted.

“the sheer magnitude of the spike and the fact that the increased search volume occurred specifically in the hours following the release of the preliminary election results makes it likely that there was a causal relationship between the election results and increased Philippines search terms relating to migrating abroad…”

– Isaac Reyes, as quoted by the ABS-CBN news report

I checked Google trends to see the “spike” and these terms were never close enough to land in the top searches.

The above search trend for topic “migrate” is noticeably almost same as the previous months, and no bump in searches can be seen.

Now let’s compare the search terms “migrate” (in blue) vs “halalan” (in red) which trended in the past 24 hours. See the almost negligible blue line vs the red one? I don’t see a “sheer magnitude of spike” in searches.

Now let’s look at the trending topics in the last 24 hours. Below were to the trending topics. “Migrate” is nowhere close.

Ano sa tingin mo? But if you are here to really check which countries to migrate to – I recommend the Canada and Australia.