Missed #Shib? Check out Quid Ika – Here’s Why

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My personal view on the current Shiba Inu price level is its not the best time now to make an entry, it is oversold, and while some predict a price of up to 0.0035 by end of December 2021, that’s still a very risky investment as it may retrace to 0.0004 or lower.

Shiba Inu ($SHIB) price as of this writing is $0.00007288, with a market cap of $40.06 Billion, grabbing the #9 spot of the top ten crpyto, and with 856K holders.

Now compare that to $QUID (Quid Ika), a new crypto, launched a few weeks ago with a supply of just 500M tokens and dubbed as the “first Ika of the Ikaysystem.” Its value grew more than 2000% in just under 2 weeks. Got mine at $0.0004 and the current price is $0.068, or almost an x20 growth.

QUID IKA. // coinmarketcap.com

The question is – is it still going to be profitable buying QUID IKA now considering the more than 1000% valuation? My answer (although not a financial advice) is “most probably”. Here’s why:

  1. QUID IKA is the first token of the Ikasystem. This new ecosystem allows for new tokens to be launched using its resources, including liquidity. So expect more Ika’s released through the Ikasystem launchpad – and every new Ika token released contributes to increasing QUID IKA’s value.
  2. Even with the more than 1000% percent growth in under 2 weeks, QUID IKA market cap is only under $30M! Compare that to Shiba Inu’s $40B MC, there’s a lot of room for growth! In fact, making an entry now and market cap reaches $100M, then $500M and then $1BN – you could only imagine how much potential profit you get with the investment.
  3. Holders of QUID IKA as of blogging time is around 1.3K, vs SHIB INU’s 856K – again, there’s so much potential for growth. New holders means more volume – positive volume which contributes to QUID IKA price appreciation.

With these, QUID IKA has the potential to reach $0.10 easily, only in a matter of days. And could even reach $1 dollar and still has a market cap of just $500 million. At current price levels of 0.06 – 0.07, that’s almost 1500% increase in value.

Hey, I’m not a financial expert, nor a crypto investment expert, but I can speak from my experience, and how my current investments are performing.

Let me know your take on this.

By the way, I have created a simple crypto profit calculator to compute your exit and re-entry price and make a profit. Check it out!

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