How to add KaraStar and UMY on your Metamask Wallet

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The Metaverse and crypto NFT gaming is expanding thanks to the popularity of Axie Infinity. If you think getting into Axie is a bit late and expensive, you might want to check out KaraStar.

What is KaraStar?

Those cutie looking monsters battling each other are called Kara, each with different “race” or type, and can be bred and evolved into much stronger Kara.

KaraStar serves as a monetary economy completely owned by the creators or players. And the developers of KaraStar not only sell digital items or resources, but also focus on the development of the digital world economy.

Players can earn money in the game. At the same time, a few fees will be charged to help in the development and improvements of the game.

UMY, the resource currency of the game, are points earned by the players when playing the game and Karas can be sold to other players as well.

KaraStar is developed by a Singapore-based blockchain game company that develops blockchain-based metaverse games and GameFi games that enable anyone to own their digital identity and game assets.

Now before you can play and earn, you need to do the following. This assumes you have Metamask Wallet and knows how to create a new network.

First, you need to create an account and download the game app here: here:

Next, add KaraStar Network in Metamask Wallet.

  • Network Name: KaraStarRPC
  • URL:
  • Chain ID: 111
  • Symbol: XDAI

Before adding UMY Contract Address you need to switch from Ethereum Main Network into the newly created Karastar Network.

  • UMY Contract Address: 0xCD64ea62E7e31d2136f9F86aDA82413dB1eb4dbe

KaraStar is currently on beta mode so you won’t be earning actual tokens yet, but can already familiarize yourself on it’s gameplay.


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