Hello. I’m Roel,
– aka The Bloggista.

I am an Industrial Engineer and a Business/IT Consultant by profession. I sell, market, solution and manage enterprise and small business applications to various local and international clients. I love designing systems and software solutions.

I am passionate about online entrepreneurship, cloud computing, social media and online community building.

My business interests include Website and Blog Hosting, SaaS solutions like CRM, Oracle ERP Cloud, e-Commerce, online store platforms and Cloud HCM applications.

I love to talk about how businesses can leverage new technology to manage data and information critical in making sound business decisions.

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About this blog…

Bloggista.com started as a make money online blog, but has expanded to various topics of interest of the blogger: social media, SEO, online marketing, business tools, SaaS and cloud computing, big data and analytics, reviews on technology and gadgets with occasional rants & ramblings on politics, general news and current events.

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