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Beyond The Sign Band

Beyond The Sign – Featured OPM Band

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In the OPM industry, there has been a huge resurgence of bands recently.  We have just recently discovered a promising OPM band – BEYOND THE SIGN. 

Although relatively new as a band,  Beyond the Sign is composed of professional musicians/singer whose passion is their love and craft for music.

Beyond the Sign is a Pop-Rock band originally formed as a duo in 2018 by J.E. Mandapat (Vocals and Composer of the band) and Eric Ellazar (Keyboard/Guitar). 

They officially released their 1st single “Pikit Mata” and added Shine Selorio (Bass), Krishan Marasigan (Electric Guitar) & John Angeles (Drums) in 2019 to form their original line up. 

Currently joining the OPM music scene, playing their original songs thru prod gigs and radio stations for their music to be heard. 

The latest gigs they have joined are: Imago Music Video Launch at 70’s bistro; radio guesting at ABS-CBN’s  MOR 101.9. 

Their first single “PIKIT MATA” has been launched last July 24, and was published on Youtube the next day. Within just four days after release, they have now reached more than 16,000 views. The music video is starring the famous vlogger/actress Jelai Andres. 

Here’s the Youtube link:

Aside from Pikit Mata, they also have unreleased songs which are truly amazing, this includes – Distansya, Natagpuan and Halika Na. 

Learn more about this band by following them on all social media platforms: 

Facebook: @beyondthesignmusic

Instagram: @beyondthesignmusic

Twitter: @beyondthesign 

#FactCheck: No, “migrate” did not trend in Google search as reported by ABS-CBN

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Its clearly a #fakenews. The motive of the story? Your guess is as good as mine.

ABS-CBN reported that in the few hours after the preliminary election results were released, a trend in Google search for the terms “migrate” and “migrating” were noted.

“the sheer magnitude of the spike and the fact that the increased search volume occurred specifically in the hours following the release of the preliminary election results makes it likely that there was a causal relationship between the election results and increased Philippines search terms relating to migrating abroad…”

– Isaac Reyes, as quoted by the ABS-CBN news report

I checked Google trends to see the “spike” and these terms were never close enough to land in the top searches.

The above search trend for topic “migrate” is noticeably almost same as the previous months, and no bump in searches can be seen.

Now let’s compare the search terms “migrate” (in blue) vs “halalan” (in red) which trended in the past 24 hours. See the almost negligible blue line vs the red one? I don’t see a “sheer magnitude of spike” in searches.

Now let’s look at the trending topics in the last 24 hours. Below were to the trending topics. “Migrate” is nowhere close.

Ano sa tingin mo? But if you are here to really check which countries to migrate to – I recommend the Canada and Australia.

Game of Thrones – The Mad Queen

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Daenerys Targaryen, the daughter of the slain mad king, knows what it likes to be constantly in danger since she was a baby. Growing up along an abusive brother, she endured all sorts of pain and humiliation for one specific goal – that she will claim the Iron Throne one day.

Some spoilers ahead, be warned, but mostly are just “wild guess“.

Game of Throne’s season 8 episode 4, “The Last of the Starks” seemed to be the breaking point for Dany, who is left with just a few allies.

She lost two dragons, learned that Jon Snow is a potential competitor to the Iron Throne, Sansa doesn’t like her, the North don’t want her, Ghost doesn’t like her either probably because she prefers dragons over dire wolves.

Sir Jorah Mormont her dear friend is dead, the Dothrakis are gone, the Unsullied left with probably a few hundred men, and bff Missandei was executed at the behest of a more fitting “Mad Queen” Cersei.

These misfortunes could be enough to send the strongest, most moral person down to depression, or, seek vengeance and do violent acts.

We know she’s capable of harming people. Her tendencies to make violent decisions, like the torching of the Tarlys worries Varys.

So with just 2 episodes left of the series, #GOT may probably take this path which many fans have suspected all along – that Daenerys Targaryen will take her true form – the Mad Queen and burn King’s Landing to the ground with her remaining dragon, Drogon.

Such madness would then necessitates to have her killed – and I got 3 queen slayer candidates:

Varys (if she won’t kill her first), the Kingslayer Jaime Lannister, or Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen.

So then we’re left with the last 2 of the Targaryens – Jon and Tyrion.

Photo credits: Game of Thrones, HBO

Creating a Good Brand Online through Social Media Engagement

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As mentioned in the previous two articles, one of the most effective virtual branding tools is the social media. Obviously, it’s a great avenue for promoting blog posts, increasing readership, gaining followers, and improving blog stats.

Unfortunately, not too many bloggers understand how to utilize it to their advantage. To enhance blog branding using social media, keep your content similar to what you have on your blog.

People already familiar with your blog can easily identify your brand when they see it in social media. If you don’t remain consistent with your brand image, this may cause confusion and result to unimaginable drawback to your blog.

The importance of being selective with what you post in social media cannot be undermined. If you post only about specifications, people may think you’re only after the stats. Let your voice be heard in your posting by providing a personal touch to your content.

Follow and connect with potential readers who may be interested with your two cents to find out how you can build a relationship with them. In doing so, you have to be cautious in avoiding these common mistakes on social media:

  • lack of specific targeting
  • not acknowledging people for sharing content
  • poor timing
  • wrong choice of hash tag to use

Taking the route of blog branding using social media is not difficult if you know how to take advantage of it. Start small by posting quality content which people will patronize for the information, and will recall for the personality and values you’ve injected.