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Creating a Good Brand Online with Your Blog

Moving on, the previous article discussed about the need to establish a personal blog brand, and build your brand online using social media. Once you already have a blog, it’s safe to say you’re a step closer towards the goals you have set as a blogger. The idea now is to improve your blog continuously. How can you do that?

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Building your Online Business websites with WordPress premium themes

WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform. It is a very versatile content management system (CMS) which you can build websites of different types: online e-Commerce stores, business directories, employment/job boards, forum sites, recipes, real estate, wiki, dating, social network, discount and coupon sites, auction sites, and even delivering online classes to name some. With the help of plugins and themes, you can extend WordPress to function to almost any types of website. While many plugins can help transform a WordPress install to a website you like, WordPress themes can also do the trick, cutting build-to-deployment time significantly. Developing a...

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Social Media and Beer

There is something with beer that brings friends or even strangers together. That smooth, malty flavor and aroma of the hops give a hint of bitter-sweet taste every time you pour that golden brewed, sometimes lighter or even dark “nectar of the gods” down your throat. This is true for beer enthusiasts – there is always enjoyment with every sip. Its always fun savoring the taste and smell of  that bottle of lager or ale. It is said that beer is the “ultimate social lubricant” and a beverage that is meant to be fun, enjoyed and celebrate, as Beer Advocates put it. Of course it goes with it being responsible and making sure drinking beer is always a pleasant experience. That is why there’s no more fitting than driving a major social media event with beer. Several noted social media practitioners and enthusiasts in the Philippines are gathering tonight at MNL Boutique Hostel in Makati for an evening of pleasantries, brain-picking, food and beer! The event, dubbed Social SoBeer Up is organized by several social media personalities in the country including my good old friend (she’s young and bubbly though), Jonha Revesencio. Sponsors are MNL Boutique Hostel for the venue, for food and booze, and Sun Cellular for giveaways. Check out the event page on facebook for more details and invites. I have been away from blogging and social media for...

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Be a Bloggista writer and earn

So you got some stuff to write about? Help deliver fresh and interesting contents to its visitors by becoming a regular Bloggista writer. Articles should be fresh, not published somewhere else and original. Topics about technology, software, business, SEO, gadget reviews, website tools, health and fitness, food and dining, shopping, travel are just some of the contents most preferred. State how many 300-800 word articles you can submit regularly and your rate (in Philippine peso). Also provide at least 3 links to your published contents (don’t fret, it’s okay if you have none and it’s your first time). Basic knowledge in publishing contents using WordPress is a must (wordpress what?!#, c’mon, google it, you’ll learn how in under 5 minutes). Interested? Hit the Contact...

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