Featured Crypto Token Of The Week: QUID IKA

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Been too busy with a lot of stuff lately, so after two years of blogging hiatus, it’s time to revive this blog. And to kick start things up, I’m blogging about my favorite crypto token right now – #QUIDIKA!

Quid Ika ($QUID) has surged from 0.003usd per token to an all time high of 0.078 in just two weeks – that’s more than 2000% growth! Although the journey has not been that great – Quid Ika is a re-brand of the previous #ePro token.

ePro by itself has evolved its smart contract and migrated to a new one, before Quid Ika came into the picture. I was a holder of ePro, and that’s where I got my Quid Ika tokens. ePro token holders were airdopped with Quid Ika, for free a few weeks back.

So what is QUID IKA? According to the www.quidika.com website:

“It is a new crypto token founded by experienced crypto enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs. Inspired by the mighty squid who has risen up the chain with no competitors in sight. Quid Ika is the ONLY crypto project with a functioning utility before launch. The Quid Ika community has risen from a dying ecosystem into a flourishing Ikasystem.”

The Ikasystem features the following functionalities (and more to be added soon):

  • Quidity App. This app (quidity.io) is a one-stop for any crypto enthusiast. It features reflection tracking, portfolio tracking, whale wallet watching, live charts & dex trades, token news, and more.
  • Ikasystem (launchpad). Quid offers aspiring developers the opportunity to launch their own ika token. Devs who choose to launch with the Ikasystem will get full access to its resources — web dev, contract creation, liquidity lock, free marketing, and more.
  • Ika — The Next Inu. Harnessing the importance of community & the power of social media. So while the Ikasystem utility and mission are serious, the next big trend: ika is created. Ika tokens are the next Inu. And Quid is the First Ika.

So how does #QUIDIKA performed on its early launch? Let’s look at the below chart:

So if you received the airdrop, you would have earned 2000% profit. With its utility and potential onboarding of more token partners, there’s no doubt QuidIka can reach 100M MC, or even 1BN easily.

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Another feature of the QUID IKA is the buyback + burn mechanism. A major chunk of its revenue is used for buyback and burns to create an ultra-deflationary token and sustain longterm growth. In fact, they have already bought + burned 4% of supply (as of this writing – 29th October, 2021).


The tokenomics of Quid are fair and support longterm sustainable growth. There are no ridiculous dev fees and no possibility of a rug pull since this is 100% community owned. Quid uses a multi-signature wallet to build community trust.

  • Low gas fees. The Quid deployers created a simple contract since Quid is the First Ika. A simple contract means lower gas fees, even when GWEI is high.
  • 2% Rewards. Known as reflections, token rewards are distributed evenly among holders to incentivize holding and show gratitude to investors for their support.
  • 2% Marketing. The Quid Ika makers don’t believe in the devs getting rich when a token takes off. Therefore, Quid is community-owned & uses a multi-sig marketing wallet.
  • Fair Launch. Quid is 100% fair launch. No presale tokens for anyone. Since Quid was a community launch, EPRO holders were airdropped fairly.
  • 500M Supply. The total supply of Quid is 500 million. There was no supply burn at launch. Any burned tokens in the burn address are from buyback & burns.
  • Influencer Backed. Quid is run by the Quidverse community. All decisions go through the holder-voting system. The top holders has a huge influencer base.

I encourage you to go and checkout Quid Ika for yourself (of course this is not a financial advise). And as usual, DYOR!

By the way, if you want to check how much profit you can get when selling or buying crypto, you can use my simple Crypto Profit Calculator.

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