Scope. This Privacy Policy covers all network of blogs, including its subdomains and partner sites, namely:

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This Privacy Policy is effective starting 05-March-2008. Any revision will be covered by a Version revision number.


The Privacy Policy is meant to inform all visitors of this blog regarding how information (personal information, that is) are collected, in what form, and the types of information collected.

It also provides clear definition on how are collected personal information are used by this website/blog.

General Privacy Policy Statement.

This website/blog collects personal information from its visitors. These are through third parties, like advertisers, whose scripts are installed on this blog, may collect information on each visitor solely for the purpose of enhancing and/or customizing browsing experience of each visitor in terms of the type of Advertisements to display.

Enhancements and/or customization of browsing experience are based on the visitor’s geographical location, visiting habits, links visited and ads clicked. These also includes logging of the visitor’s IP address, and the time of visit. These are captured in the form of “cookies” that are stored on the visitor’s browser, that will be used again whenever the said visitor makes another visit to this site.

This website/blog is also tracking site visits in terms of unique visitors, the time of visit, IP address, browser type, Operating System used, referring sites, and how long they stayed on this site, as well as other general information – for the purpose of providing traffic statistics. These are through third-party traffic counters and analytics tool which may use “web beacons” and whose scripts are installed on this website/blog. These are Sitemeter, Google Analytics, Feedburner and

The visitor may opt change/configure his/her browser settings through cookie management to allow/dis-allow storing of cookies on the browser. However, by not allowing cookies, some of this Site’s services and pages may not display well, or may not be accessible at all. Click here to understand more about cookies.

Vital Personal Information collection.

No email, user name, credit card & other financial information are collected with the above third-party script providers. Names are not also collected, however, names may appear depending on the visitor’s configuration on his system and software- which in most cases are the case except for the following:

The referring site is a personal site with the visitor’s own name.

Names (real names, nicknames, user names, alias) may be collected, including the visitor’s email and IP address, in cases of:

  1. Leaving a comment on any of this blog’s posts.
  2. Subscription to this blog’s RSS Feeds.
  3. Subscribing to this blog’s contests from time to time.
  4. Application for a free blog.

The above activities are all voluntary, thus, the visitor is properly informed, and has the sole discretion whether to allow divulging his vital information, i.e. email address and name.

No credit card information and other financial information are collected with the above activities, either manually or automatically (like the collection of IP Address).

Usage of Personal Information.

As specified above, personal information are collected to enhance and/or customize a visitor’s browsing experience of this site, including the type of advertisements to be supplied through the method of contextual advertising (e.g. Google Adsense, AdBrite, AdToll, Bidvertiser and other reputable and secure advertising companies providing ads on this site).

Only ads from known reputable advertising companies are displayed on this site. For more details of each of the advertisers’ privacy policy, please click on the link provided above.

Emails and names collected are used for the purpose of identifying this site’s subscribers. These information may be used to send out relevant newsletters and promotions to subscribers directly from this site. But these information will not be sold to other third-parties in any way, without the express consent and knowledge of the subscriber. All emails and newsletters sent, including RSS feeds subsrciption by email have a link to ‘unsubscribe’ should the subscriber wishes to.

Privacy Commitment.

It is‘s commitment and assurance that any vital personal information given by its visitors will be treated with utmost confidentiality and will be strictly kept private. Should a visitor feel that his/her privacy has been violated by any of this site’s contents and links, he/she can contact the Blogger or send email to admin (at) bloggista (dot) com.

Revisions and Updates.

This Privacy Policy may be revised or updated to better serve the visitor’s interest on keeping personal information safe. All revisions and/or updates will be covered by tracking revision numbers.

Current Privacy Policy Version – BLOGGISTA PP Ver. 1 rev. 4. Create 05-March-2008. Updated 18-May-2017.