Personal Blog Branding Using Social Media

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This is the first of three-article series about blogging and branding through social media engagement.

Why branding is so important?

A brand that is clearly identifiable is what every business needs. Some great examples are Apple, Samsung, Mercedes Benz, and even Dunkin Donuts. These brands catch almost everyone’s attention with a mere glimpse of their logos.

In a similar manner, bloggers (both aspiring and experienced ones) need to have a brand that is identifiable with them. It could be a signature style of writing or the blog name itself. Moreover, since a blog operates on the most global platform – the Internet – it becomes easier to communicate your personal blogging brand.

An effective way you can achieve personal blog branding is through social media. If you can establish online presence using social media, you can be sure many people can identify with you, your opinions, your personal views, or even some products and services you promote on your blog.

Online is the richest ground to nourish your blog and make it visible to your readers and visitors.

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