Creating a Good Brand Online through Social Media Engagement

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As mentioned in the previous two articles, one of the most effective virtual branding tools is the social media. Obviously, it’s a great avenue for promoting blog posts, increasing readership, gaining followers, and improving blog stats.

Unfortunately, not too many bloggers understand how to utilize it to their advantage. To enhance blog branding using social media, keep your content similar to what you have on your blog.

People already familiar with your blog can easily identify your brand when they see it in social media. If you don’t remain consistent with your brand image, this may cause confusion and result to unimaginable drawback to your blog.

The importance of being selective with what you post in social media cannot be undermined. If you post only about specifications, people may think you’re only after the stats. Let your voice be heard in your posting by providing a personal touch to your content.

Follow and connect with potential readers who may be interested with your two cents to find out how you can build a relationship with them. In doing so, you have to be cautious in avoiding these common mistakes on social media:

  • lack of specific targeting
  • not acknowledging people for sharing content
  • poor timing
  • wrong choice of hash tag to use

Taking the route of blog branding using social media is not difficult if you know how to take advantage of it. Start small by posting quality content which people will patronize for the information, and will recall for the personality and values you’ve injected.

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