All You Need To Know About The #HOKK Migration

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Hokkaidu Inu token ($HOKK) is doing it’s migration to a new smart contract that they won’t be renouncing so they can implement new features and improvements whenever necessary.

The current #HOKK smart contract on Ethereum Network was renounced early and made it difficult to make adjustments.

This however doesn’t impact $HOKK holders on BSC Network as the migration process is automated.

The new ETH-based HOKK will have a lower supply of just 2.5 billion tokens vs. the current supply of 100 quadrillion.

This could be a smart move as similar tokens (#ePro or now called #QuidIka) have seen significant increase in value after a reset.

Migration started October 27 and ends November 3, 2021.

What do you think? Have you grabbed some $HOKK yet?

FAQ on HOKK Migration

The devs at HoKK have published an FAQ on the migration here.

  1. When Relaunch?

We expect to relaunch around November 3 once the new token contracts are up and live.

Please note you will need to send your ETH HOKK tokens to the migration wallet address found on BEFORE THE NOVEMBER 3 DEADLINE!

  1. I hold my ETH $HOKK coins on exchange, what should I do?

Please see the list of exchanges at that will be automatically migrating to the new contract. Any exchanges not listed there will not be participating and you will need to withdraw your tokens to a personal wallet and send your tokens to the migration wallet address from there in order to be eligible to claim your new tokens.

  1. What about fees?

Fees are out of our control unfortunately, however, fees to transfer to a wallet are less than a buy/sell fee. We will endeavour to let you know the cheapest times to transfer where possible.

You can use a gas tracker such as to see the current gwei prices.

  1. What if I don’t want to migrate?

After relaunch the current ETH contract will be obsolete and so will the coins on it. This is why we informing you now so you have the choice to sell and buy back again after relaunch or hold in your wallet, send your tokens to the dev wallet, and be part of the migration.

  1. Why relaunch?

The current ETH HOKK contract is renounced, meaning liquidity is locked and the contract is too rigid for us to work with in order to move the project forward. This decision has been made in the best interests of the project and our investors.

  1. How many tokens will I receive?

You can find out approximately how many new HOKK tokens you’ll receive after relaunch using our handy migration calculator tool:

  1. What will the new supply be?

There will only be 10 billion HOKK tokens total across ALL chains. At launch only 4 billion will be made available as outlined in the breakdown below with the remainder reserved for future cross-chain expansion:

ETH HOKK —> 2.5 billion
BSC HOKK —> 1 billion
HECO HOKK —> 500 million

  1. I hold BSC HOKK in my wallet, what should I do?

BSC HOKK holders will not have to migrate manually, simply hold on to your coins and after November 3, you will be able to claim your new BSC tokens from the appropriate link found on

  1. What about HOKKFI? When launch?

The plan is to launch HOKKFI shortly after the main $HOKK cross-chain relaunch. Please stay tuned for further updates regarding $HOKKFi’s release and when you can claim your allocation (ETH HOKK holders only)

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