How to Earn More in #KaraStar NFT Game

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(Note: This post is based from KaraStar Medium article.)

Due to the mechanics of KaraStar battle system, the entire battle mode is suitable for competitive matches, which was designed to enable the players of the game to get more rewards as they understand the game, create their strategies to win and get more rewards through UMY – the crypto-currency of the KaraStar ecosystem.

In order to play, KaraStar players need to obtain 3 Kara (via NFT auction, or thru breeding or purchasing it in the marketplace. Upgrading Karas make it more stronger and win through PVP and dungeon battles. Make sure to upgrade or breed only Kara which have the better qualities. The stronger your Kara is, the better the chance to earn more – so the secret is to breed and evolve stronger Karas!

Breeding Karas: Karas can be bred for better divine genes and more evolution times. Karas can produce offspring by breeding. To avoid over-expansion of Karas, each Kara has a limit on the maximum number of offspring. The dominant genes are inherited with high probability depending on the physical composition of the parents.

It takes 5 days for Karas to mature when breeding. You need to get online and check your Kara egg to ensure a successful hatching.

Divine genes: Karas with more than 30 divine genes are stronger and suitable for evolution and breeding. When divinity is full after several evolutions, Karas will have have a nice appearance and will glow or change their shape. Karas with less than 30 divinity genes are unable to achieve this.

The highest level of the gene determines the number of the full value of Karas. It also determine the strength and appearance of Karas. When a pet with divine genes breeds with a non-divine pet, then the average will be taken to calculate the number of evolutions.

Combat effectiveness and stunning appearance can be endowed by divine gene. Karas obtained through the NFT auction have strong combat effectiveness and are suitable to breed and evolve stronger Karas.

Trading Karas at the Marketplace

You can list your Karas in the Marketplace, and set a selling price. The stronger the Karas are, the higher you can sell. You can also choose to trade when your Kara is still an egg, yet at this time it is impossible to find out its final attributes and skill cards. You can check out the attributes of your Kara when it reaches maturity. And then you can set a reasonable price for your Kara based on the market price.

For these transactions, only a small fee is required.

Kara Mutations (Rare)

  • Karas with low LV have 5% of mutation chance to become high LV ones (Karas with highest LV have no chance of mutation).
  • After mutation, the number of evolutions and corresponding quality of Karas will be increased.
  • Divine Point: +5, along with all the basic attributes will increase with the evolution.
  • Basic attributes based on Kara rarity:
    • Blue Quality: +2
    • Purple Quality: +5
    • Orange Quality: + 8
  • The attribute bonuses:
    • Enhanced Gene and Body Parts = Enhanced Genetic attribute * the numbers of genes

Remember: The stronger your Karas, the higher you can earn.

To get a view on how much you can earn based on your playing style, check the KaraStar Revenue and ROI Calculator I have created.

Enjor playing KaraStar and gooluck!

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