Are device cams a security concern?

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Fact or not, but web security and privacy experts are advising you to cover your device camera (laptops, mobile phones, tablets). Notable people do, like Mark Zuckerberg (yes, the Facebook guy), as reported in this article.

Perhaps the best way to convince you is to seek an answer to the following question: Can some people really spy on you through your laptop or smartphone camera?

The answer is a creepy YES! Tech experts like the guys at believe its not only hackers who are interested in viewing your most private moments, but also some schools checking their students, and companies tracking its employees to see what they’re doing at any given time.

Scary right? With ransomware (a malware or malicious software) and voyeur sites getting more popular these days, you don’t want someone asking you money or else you’ll gonna see your naked butt posted on the web do you?

It is believed someone can take control of your laptop or smartphone camera through an injection of trojan virus or malware from bad websites and spam emails (phishing) that you may have clicked or opened. It is also widely known that several android devices, electronic chips, including internet routers manufactured in China have “backdoor” capabilities to remotely access and control these gadgets.

So if you’re not doing it yet, better start now! Go grab some tape and cover your device’s camera ASAP. Its better to be “overly” safe than sorry.

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