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Philippines Cybercrime Law Pros and Cons

Since the Philippines Supreme Court has ruled that the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is constitutional, on most of its provisions, including the ability  for individuals to file a libel case on persons who “originally” posted not so nice things about them online, let’s look at how this law impacts every Pinoy who are hooked to social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Been fun stuff all year long – including this

I’m guilty, I’ve been putting more time to playing #NBAFantasy than blogging lately. And seeing videos like this just simply made my day, even spent a minute to just write a blog post about it.

For sure – everyone with Facebook have seen this, but doesn’t matter. Still very hilarious want to “immortalize” it on this blog.

Featured Website: Jobjoints.com – Job Search Philippines


Jobjoints.com started as a simple free job posting and job search site, trying to provide an alternative job search site for Filipinos. There are a lot of free job sites in the Philippines already, and Jobjoints.com is no different.

It offers free job posting service – an inexpensive option to bigger paid job sites which collect Php3,000 up to Php10,000 fee per job posted. It’s free, however, all posted jobs are painstakingly reviewed, and only real, valid jobs are approved for publication.

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ADARNA Jumpstarts Dulaang UP’s 38th Season

dulaangUP-adarnaA special Bloggista.com feature by our friends from Dulaang UP.

Adarna, the well-known and much-loved Filipino folk tale, opens another year of exciting plays from Dulaang UP which is now on its 38th theater season. Adarna tells the story of Don Juan, the youngest of three princes who went on a journey to find the elusive mystical bird called Ibong Adarna believed to be the cure for their ailing father, the king of Berbanya.

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