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Why I’ll never fly again with Cebu Pacific Air

This is why I will never fly with Cebu Pacific, never again. This airline is just so thick-faced, no sense of improving quality of service and procedures, and just constantly inconvenience customers with their inefficient systems, processes and procedures. Seems like their execs are all lazy and clueless.

Prepaid cards: secured way to shop and pay online

Paying through your credit card? That’s so last year. It’s 2015 and it’s time to make some financial changes to improve your life. So, get the scissors, cut your credit cards and try an alternative payment through prepaid cards. So, what’s a prepaid card? If you...

EaseUs Todo Backup Takes the Cake

Convention and bitter experience has taught the majority of us the importance of backing up our data. This has led to thousands of software that help the most tech-clueless of us to do precisely that without sweating bullets. However, not all the backup software out...

Six Things to Consider When You Do a Cloud Drive Review

Today, many people find themselves having to look at three devices or more as they work with various files at work and at home. Many are thinking of cloud storage to make sure all their files are accessible – regardless of location or device and most of them need a...

#PopeFrancisPH: Malacañang speech full text

Just want to share a very powerful speech of Pope Francis, during the official call at the Malacañang Palace, with focus on political leaders’ renewal, honesty, integrity and promotion of common good and social justice. Viva Sto. Papa. FULL TEXT: Pope Francis’...

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